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Visualized Control


  • Overall Supervision & Central Control

  • Peripheral Interfaces / Independent Control of Selected Functions  

  • Differentiation Based on Access Rights Profile

  • Diagnostics & Alerts

  • Remote Control

  • Real-time Display of Various Room Statuses (e.g. occupied/do not disturb/cleaned)

  • Integration with Opera & Fidelio Hotel PMS

  • Custom-Made Interfaces

  • Applicable to Pcs, Tablets or Mobile Phones

Instant, Reliable and Designated Information

Visualizing the control of building automations and interconnected systems captures the quintessence of the installation, empowering all its potential. All information is simultaneously displayed into custom- made interfaces, in a graphic and simplified way to the assigned recipients. According to different needs and purposes, a central control monitor will probably be needed for overall supervision and individual or peripheral interfaces applied on portable devices will serve for selected functions.


Real-time overview of the building functions and rooms’ status, constant display of resource usage, live default alarming and remote control of systems dramatically accelerate the response time and decision making. Productivity of multiple everyday tasks is maximized.


BrainCore’s experience and certification in alternative visualization platforms ensures our custom-made interfaces’ design exactly matches the applications and needs of your building or business.

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