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  • Digital Representation of the Building’s Assets and Systems and Interoperability Regardless Manufacturers and Protocols Integrated

  • Simplified Acquisition of Big Data and Dynamic Analysis

  • Accurate Costing-Creation of Cost Centers-Predictions

  • Performance Indicators-Graphics

  • Automatically Generated Reports

  • Contribution to Uninterrupted Operations/Monitoring of Sensitive Loads and Procedures/ Real Time Notifications

Analytics & BIoT Platform


Central, Unrestricted and Real Time Information

Our innovative Business Analytics and BIoT Platform is leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) to transform your building into a “smart” building and visualize it, independent of the type and manufacturer of equipment installed. It is transforming operations by simplifying integrations between heterogenous assets and systems thus generating valuable engineering and economic context, in real-time. It provides a single pool for IoT-based interoperability and protocol convergence between more than 70 industry-standard protocols across five key domains: automatic-meter reading, power system automation, building automation, process automation and industrial control systems.

Maximum Utilization of Existing Assets - Expandable Solution

Our cloud based IoT platform utilizes the already existing building equipment and assets, incorporating all modern technologies and data to provide you a unique competitive advantage and superior operational performance, with low implementation cost. Further, the platform is fully expandable as it can integrate new equipment and systems thus making your investment protected and future-proof.

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