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  • Central & Individual Control

  • Preset Scenarios

  • Remote Control

  • Reporting

  • Interoperability with Automation Systems of Lighting, Shutters & Blinds and Climate Control

Integrated Access 


Security & Convenience

Access Control interoperate with all other building automation systems to individualize functions while ensuring the overall control of a building regardless of its size and number of users. Access rights can be granted or denied at a fraction of time through a fingerprint, a key card or a code according to time or date settings, clearance level, specific areas and roles. Further, access control can provide you critical reporting and statistical data about the building's traffic, without the use of traditional logbooks.


BrainCore intelligently incorporates other automation systems to its access control solution to maximize the benefits of parallel goals. For example, different lighting and climate scenarios are applied according to the access rights of a hotel guest to that of the housekeeping when they enter a guest room thus providing for their different needs.

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