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Expertise is a collection of special skills and abilities that have been acquired by working, training, studying, practicing or observing a specific field of interest for a particular period in time. BrainCore’s expertise in hospitality projects is being proven by its track record of satisfied, repeater customers and successful execution of challenging hotel projects.

As a hospitality expert, Braincore is profoundly aware of the hotels’ special needs, complicated, all day long operations and multiple goals to be achieved for their distinctive stakeholders for example:

Hotel building owner: Future -proof & flexible investment, Sustainability, Maintenance

Hotel management: Energy Efficiency, Operational Costs, Allocation of Human Resources, Building Control, Reporting, Guest Experience, Return on Investment (ROI), Security, Technical Support

Hotel Guest: Comfort, Ease of use, Tailor-made services, Safety

Personnel: Efficiency of everyday operations, Real Time oversight of various hotel functions and crucial parameters like hotel room occupancy

Hotels’ surroundings/Community: Environmental footprint of the building

Braincore’s expertise is based on its receptiveness and deep understanding of all the above needs which we combine into custom made algorithms and logical functions in order to optimize the benefits for all those involved. That is the core of our specialty and the reason why BrainCore is a market leader in the Hospitality Industry.

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