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  • Automated Adjustments to Natural Light and Weather Conditions

  • Central Control

  • Presence Simulation

  • Distant Control

  • Presence Dependent

  • Emergency Functions

  • System Diagnostics

Intelligent Shading


Economy, Efficiency & Comfort

Shutters, blinds and tents can be integrated to automation solutions thus maximizing the benefits of natural weather conditions and/or - vice versa – preventing them from affecting the indoor desired and preset climate standards. Automated functions and the development of different scenarios facilitate precise adjustments. With minimum effort and time, weather awareness contributes enormously to the target of energy conscious buildings.

Security & Privacy

With a click of a single button or not, remotely or according to the alarm settings or an emergency scenario all shutters will respond automatically securing the building or facilitating the evacuation in case of emergency. Blinds and tents can also be engaged to preferred scenarios to ensure privacy in certain times or occasions.

In BrainCore we do have the know-how to approach our solutions holistically and ensure optimization of all the above critical factors at the same time.

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