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Smart Metering


  • Resource Usage Measurement

  • Data Recording

  • Irregularity Detection

  • Automated Interaction with Resource Control Devices

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Precise Knowledge

Smart meters are the most efficient method for tracking usage of electricity, gas, water and fuel resources. These devices allow businesses to accurately determine costs and infrastructure needs since a variety of datapoints is being recorded. Valuable information on consumption, including when a resource is being used, how much at a time and where it's being directed, can be adjusted to specific information needs and visualized through our specialized dashboards.

Resource Management

With meters integrated to the controls of lighting, climate and other systems, building managers can turn some of their decisions over to automation.

Furthermore, precise measurements and a constant data feed are the critical inputs to BrainCore’s Business Analytics & BIoT platform. Information gathered from smart meters can be transformed according to the management’s needs and create real context for decision making.

The reason why BrainCore’s solution is distinguished lies on the correct allocation of the smart meters in order to get the appropriate management information.

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